Celebrity Forum Season of Stars
Presenting the 50th Annual 2017 – 2018 Celebrity Forum
Celebrity Forum I & II Speakers Series
Friday & Thursday Evenings
Runs from October 2017 – April 2018
All Programs Begin at 8 p.m.
Joseph Biden Joe Biden

Oct. 19, 20

Former Vice President of the United States

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P.J. O'Rourke & Robert Reich P.J. O'Rourke & Robert Reich

Nov. 30, Dec. 1

O'Rourke: Political satirist and journalist

Reich: Political commentator, professor, and author

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Jason Alexander Jason Alexander

Jan. 18, 19

Actor, comedian and director

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Robert Ballard Robert Ballard

Feb. 22, 23

Retired U.S. Navy officer and a professor of oceanography

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Bryan Stevenson Bryan Stevenson

March 22, 23

Lawyer, social justice activist, founder & executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative

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Jill Biden Ed.D. Jill Biden Ed.D.

April 20, 21

Former Second Lady of the United States

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